Would you like free sessions of QiGong?

Sep 28 2018

Would you like free sessions of QiGong?

Nath Fernandes from VEUcan contacted us to find out if Disabled people in Lambeth would like some free sessions.

He is currently working with a Tai Chi teacher called Sally who does some amazing work with Cerebral Palsy Midlands adapting the art for Disabled people with her mantra being “If you can breathe, you can do it”.

They are currently in discussions about running a trial session in London in the next few months, are you interested?

What is Tai Chi (or Qigong – one of the many types of the art)?

Qigong is designed to promote well being on several levels. Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , any illness is seen is being due to blockage of energy flow within the body, an imbalance of yin and yang energy types with the body. The energy flow can be interrupted by poor posture which closes off ‘energy gates’ So physically qigong encourages good posture, and use of the core abdominal muscles to promote easy flow of qi. But qi is also moved by the mind. That’s what martial artists do when they break bricks with their hands. In fact they channel their qi to their hand and THAT is what the breaks the brick. And lastly the slow rhythmic movements are very mindful – and mindfulness is now recognised as being useful as part of stress management whatever the cause of stress.

What is involved?

Sally adapts all her sessions regardless of impairments focusing more on the breath (at whatever pace suits you) in addition to using visual imagery similar to mindfulness so literally if you can breathe, you can do it!

Sally says, “When I walk into the centre my regulars rush to get to the room they are so eager to start. They use their breath, they used their minds, they use their arms and legs as much as they can, or as much they understand. I am demonstrating the moves physically. Between us we are all improving our qi, and it’s a group effort. The energy of the whole class is changed and everyone benefits in some way. The main thing they take from my glass is relaxation, literally a ‘feel good’ factor. And believe me, when I walk away from my classes at the centre - they are not the only ones feeling good!”

For more information on Sallys Tai Chi sessions, please see - http://www.cpmids.org.uk/about/tai-chi/

If any of you interested in having a go or have any further questions, please contact Nath –

Office hours : 9am - 5pm on Monday to Friday. If your query is a matter of urgency outside these hours, please call 0117 9075637.