Local Election Update - DISABILITY HUSTINGS 16 APRIL

Apr 12 2018

Local Election Update - DISABILITY HUSTINGS 16 APRIL

Register to Vote

Come to the Lambeth Pan-Disability Forum Hustings on 16 April

Tell DPAC if you are asked for ID when voting

Message from Sean McGovern, Chair of the LPDF -

The Lambeth Pan-Disability Forum will be holding a Local Election Hustings on Monday 16th April, from 2pm to 4.30pm at “We are 336”, 336 Brixton Road SW9 7AA.
This is your opportunity as a Disabled person interested in voting to find out from the local candidates from the main political parties what they are offering if they are elected at the local elections on May 3rd.
If you are interested in getting involved:
• Join the Lambeth Pan-Disability Forum
• Come to the Hustings on 16th April.
For more information, you can contact the Forum via Louise Holden

Register to Vote by 17th April for the 3 May Council and Mayoral Elections

Important local & mayoral elections take place in many parts of England on 3 May and the deadline to register to vote is less than a week away (Tuesday 17th April).

If you’re not registered to vote you can register at the government’s voter registration page (it only takes a few minutes).

And if you get any problems with registering to vote or voting due to denial of your access need and reasonable adjustments that you may require please let DPAC know about it at

Also if you are not allowed to vote because you are not able to produce Id at the polling station, again, please let us know at