#JusticeforLB Walk 12th April at 4pm

Apr 10 2018

#JusticeforLB Walk 12th April at 4pm

Join us for a walk to celebrate the memory of Connor Sparrowhawk

Thursday 12th April 2018, 4pm
Walking from 336 Brixton Road to Brixton Town

Connor Sparrowhawk, a teenager with autism and epilepsy passed away due to neglect whilst in an Assessment and Treatment unit in Oxfordshire.

After Connor’s death, his mother Dr Sara Ryan started the #JusticeforLB campaign. This uncovered a wider failure to appropriately care for people with learning disabilities.

LB is the acronym for the Laughing Boy: this is how people who had the privilege to meet and love Connor want to remember him.

#CaminoLB is a walk to keep alive the fight against death by indifference of people with learning disabilities and autism.

The user involvement group The Voice will lead the walk in Brixton with a red bus banner, the symbol of #CaminoLB.

For more iformation contact Gianluca Zucchelli at
or 07726 695 838