A DASL Member is training as a life coach

Dec 14 2017

A DASL Member is training as a life coach

Nailah used to volunteer at DASL and has kept in touch as a DASL member.

She recently got in touch to say that she is embarking on a life coach training course and needs people to take part.

Below is the text about what is on offer.

Please contact Nailah directly with any queries.

As a charity, DASL do not recommend any services. However, we are happy to provide this information for anyone who wishes to find out more.

NAILAH HUNTE – LIFE Coach Consultant
Email address:
Telephone number: 07802-586-413

Sessions - Type of coaching
There are different models of coaching which is tailored to the individual. Coaching is what the individual brings to the table. Coaching will be:
• One-to-one – either via:-
• Skype
• Telephone
• Face-to-face
Coaching works within a wide spectrum of personal areas. Coaching will be carried out in a non-judgmental way. It is also about opening the possibilities of finding clarity, recognition/acceptance, summarising and reframing. Sessions will evolve depending on the areas being explored.
Contracts - Is on a first-come-first serve basis.
What’s on offer?
Sessions involve setting a specific time each week/twice a week at an agreeable time and date. 
4 individuals will be allocated 10 hours each over a duration of 3 and half months for FREE.
6 individuals will be required to pay *£10 an hour or offer a skill in exchange or give a charitable donation that is accounted for WITH PROOF - e.g. receipt or cheque. 
*24 hours cancellation notice is required from ALL clients. However, if this is not adhered to by fee paying clients, they will be asked to pay the required fee.
What is required from a person?
• Coaching will be confidential and take place in a safe environment.
• Commitment and the wiliness to be open, honest and committed.
What they can expect to get out of it?
Coaching is creating an awareness and clarity.
I aim to give each individual the opportunity to ‘look’ at themselves for themselves. 
Help them understand where they were/ are and where they would like to be.
The individual will have the opportunity to invest time and energy into themselves.
For each individual, it is hoped that this will be a journey to self-discovery.
As a coach, my role is merely to facilitate – to open the door for the individual.  They’ll be guided alongside to their growth and development and live a life they deserve.