The London Stroke Choir

The London Stroke Choir

The London Stroke Choir is a fantastic community project for stroke survivors who want to sing together, with all the benefits that brings. We need your support if it is to continue and thrive.

The easiest way to donate is via our Justgiving page

If you prefer to donate by another method please contact our Director,

With the help of generous individual donations, our crowdfunder and successful grant applications to Battersea Power Station Foundation and Awards for All, the Choir has continued to run successfully, including some amazing public performances!

However, our current Awards for All grant will only allow us to run until June 2019, after which the future is uncertain. It costs DASL £10,000 a year to support the Choir. It would be more but for the generous support of Morley College who provide a free rehearsal space and share the costs of employing a musical director.

Please give what you can.

The choir is free to join and is a real lifeline to Stroke Survivors! Researchers have found that people who have lost the ability to communicate due to severe brain damage can regain it by singing the words. They believe that the melody can help the brain rewire itself so that it can bypass the damaged regions of the mind and so communicate.

We want this choir to run and run. If you can help with a donation we would love to hear from you or visit our Just Giving Campaign Page for this project

The London Stroke Choir is open to stroke survivors from anywhere in London, not just people from Lambeth and Southwark.

To join, please contact Manuela on 07773 810 264 / 020 7501 8964 or email