Stroke Peer Support Network

Stroke Peer Support Network

After 7 years bringing stroke survivors together in Lambeth and Southwark, dasl's Stroke Peer Support Network closed in March 2016.

DASL’s main grant for the Network from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity ended in March 2015 and we took the decision to close the overall project a year later.

We are also still fundraising so that the very successful London Stroke Choir can have a long-term future. If you are able to make a donation this would really help us to make this possible.

In addition, DASL and its partners in the Independent Living and Carers’ Partnership provide a wide range of services which can help stroke survivors and their carers. In particular, stroke survivors who want to get more involved in sport and physical activity can contact the DASL ‘Into Sport’ project for advice, information and support to access opportunities.

Because we think it is important that people know about the work the project has done we will be leaving our Stroke Network webpages up for a while.

What stroke survivors got from the Network

We know that having a stroke can bring big changes to your life but our project has made a real difference.

Our Interim Impact Report (October 2014) showed the wide range of benefits stroke survivors felt they got by being involved - DASL_StrokeNetworkInterim_ImpactReport_Oct2014.pdf

Our annual listening and social events have been a great way for people to tell us what they get from the project and how they want it to develop - DASL_StrokeProjectEngagementReport.pdf

If you want to find out more about the work the DASL Stroke Network has done or have ideas you’d like to discuss about services for stroke survivors please get in touch.