DASL’s Into Sport project

DASL’s Into Sport project


The project is led by Inclusion London working with London Sport and leading Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations (DDPOs) in five London boroughs including DASL.

Into Sport, funded by Sport England, started in June 2014 and continues until March 2018.

The five London Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations that are involved are:
Inclusion Barnet
Disability Advice Service Lambeth
Greenwich Association of Disabled People (GAD)
Southwark Disablement Association (SDA)
Richmond AID

Each is developing different approaches to getting more disabled people to be active.

Since Into Sport started, DASL has tried a number of different initiatives including:

one to one information, advice and support

A regular Sport and Physical Activity Access and Advocacy Group

An activities programme to which are regularly adding new opportunities.

You can download our introductory leaflet about the project here DASL_Into_Sport_Brochure_August_2016.pdf

Over the past two years we have worked with lots of disabled people both one to one and through group activities and sport and physical activity sessions. Many of these people are now doing more regular sport and physical activity but there remain many barriers to participation which we are working together to break down.

We are learning a lot about the challenges disabled people find and we have highlighted some of the ways we are overcoming these in a series of case studies which you can read here (click on the red links):

Breaking stereotypes image

Keeping up to date with information image

Changing viewsimage