How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

There are a number of ways the Direct Payments Team at DASL can advise and support you through the DP process.

Direct Payment Advice

If you are unsure you want to choose to use a direct payment we can provide advice and information to help you make the right choice for you.

Direct Payment Set Up

If youíve decided you want a direct payment your social worker or care manager will make a referral to us.

We will meet with you to support you in setting up and managing your direct payment. This will include discussing options for managing the direct payment money, being an employer, finding a personal assistant and how Lambeth council or the CCG will monitor your direct payment.

Recruiting a Personal Assistant

If you do not already know someone who can be your Personal Assistant we can support you to do a recruitment process to find a suitable person.

We will help you write a job description and person specification detailing the tasks involved in the role and the kind of person youíre looking for.

We can place a job advert on several job search sites and help you to arrange interviews.

Once youíve chosen someone and offered them the job we can request references on your behalf, support you to get a DBS check and provide a contract of employment.

Ongoing Advice and Information

Once your direct payment is up and running we are available by phone or email to answer any questions you might have.


Details of training on being a good employer, and training for your personal assistant, are available here.

Experiences of Direct Payment Users

Y has been receiving a direct payment since early 2016. She decided she wanted to use the money from the council to employ a Personal Assistant (PA) to support her for two days a week. She wanted the Personal Assistant to support her with cleaning, shopping and going out and about locally. Y worked with DASLís Direct Payments team to think about what kind of person she wanted to support her and DASL supported to advertise for the role. Y also put an advert up at her local church and received three applications. Y decided who she wanted to interview and organised these at the DASL office. She chose the questions she wanted to ask, interviewed the candidates and decided which one she wanted to offer the job to. DASL supported Y to take up reference and organise a DBS check, which she felt was important for her safety. DASL gave Y information about contracts of employment and went through this with both Y and her PA to ensure they were clear about their roles and responsibilities. Y said that she found this helpful and that she could ask questions if she needed. Y since has told us that she appreciates the support she receives from her PA, that they get on well and can work together. Y said she likes having support from the same person as she can get to know them better. She says she can choose what her PA does and that this can change depending on whatís happening each week.

M started her direct payment towards the end of 2016. She hadnít been receiving support in the past but liked the idea of direct payments as she could choose when she received her support and what she asked her Personal Assistant to do. M decided how she wanted to use the hours the council gave her in order to make sure she could get the support that fitted in with her life. M asked DASLís direct payments team to support her with recruitment. She interviewed two candidates for the role and found one of them to be just what she was looking for. The PA lived nearby and M liked that she had lots of links with the local community. The hours M could offer was just what the PA was looking for. Mís hours were increased and DASL supported M with a new contract of employment. DASL also provided M with information about what support was available when her PA was on holiday. They were able to link her up with two other PAs in the borough who M could contact when her PA was away, and also gave her information about agencies who operated in the borough. M said she appreciated DASLís support and that it was helpful to know there was someone who could give her the advice and information she needed.