Direct Payments Support

Direct Payments Support

Personal Budgets, including Direct Payments, are a way of giving you more control over the way your care needs are met.

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If you have been assessed by Lambeth Adults and Community Services [Social Services] as needing community care services to assist you to remain independent, you can choose to receive money from them, as a Direct Payment, to arrange your own services instead of having them provided or arranged for you by the Council. There are also other options to use Personal Budgets to give you more choice in how your care and support is provided. We also provide advice and support to people who are funding their own care and support ("self-funders").

You can find more information about Direct Payments and how they work in Lambeth by clicking on the direct payments resources link on the left to see factsheets and other information and by visiting Lambeth Council’s Direct Payments webpage.

How can DASL help with Personal Budgets / Direct Payments?

DASL is funded by Lambeth Council to provide the independent Direct Payments Support Service, offering information, advice and training on Personal Budgets, and specifically, Direct Payments. From April 2015 our service is part of the Independent Living and Carers Partnership.

Our service to users includes :

• Initial information about Personal Budgets including Direct Payments.
• Support with your application for a Direct Payment including liaison with Social Services.
• Set-up information and advice and training on managing your Personal Budget / Direct Payment.
• Support and training with recruitment of your own staff.
• General advice on employee rights and employer responsibilities.
• Support to review your own and your PA’s training needs and to access Skills for Care funding for you as an individual employer and for your staff
• Advice on managing your personal assistants.
• Advice on your Money Management Options including helping you arrange third party and payroll services if you wish
• Advice and support to set up an Individual Service Fund (ISF) with a provider
• Assistance and training to use CarePlace to find the right services on which to use your Personal Budget
• On-going support with issues that arise once you are using a Personal Budget / Direct Payment.

We also provide:

• Information and general advice on Personal Budgets/Direct Payments for professionals.
• Activities such as presentations and displays to promote Personal Budgets including Direct Payments within the local community.
• Peer Support sessions for service users to meet and discuss DP issues.
• Facilitation of meetings for service users with service providers and other professionals.
• Partnership and policy work with Lambeth Council and other organisations with an interest in Personal Budgets including Direct Payments.

Who can use the Direct Payments Support Service?

• Our support is available to people from all care groups eligible for Personal Budgets / Direct Payments and, where applicable, their carers. Self Funders can also contact us for information and advice

Get the DASL Direct Payments leaflets

Our free leaflets guides you through the Direct Payments process and the support DASL can offer. Download these here:


Please contact us if you would like us to send you a copy.