Ways to campaign in Lambeth

Ways to campaign in Lambeth

DASL is a charity and as such does not align with any Political party or Political activity and we do not have a Political purpose. However, as a charity we can campaign for better services in Lambeth in line with our charitable purposes, which include for Disabled people in Lambeth to live independently and for Disabled people to be treated equally in all areas of life.

Many DASL members are also recipients of services and as such have lived experience so their views and opinions about how those services can be improved are a valuable resource to providers and commissioners.

We are Stronger, Together.

Joining DASL as a member is just one way of getting involved with local issues; depending on how much time you have and what you want to say, there are a range of ways to get your voice heard.

Local groups

London Unemployed Strategies
020 7467 1283 / [email protected]
LUS campaigns for more help and less harassment for the unemployed and is supported by Unite Community (07410 172004 / [email protected])
LUS hold regular meetings in Lambeth where you can discuss what has happened to you; get advice on how to deal with the situation; peer support to attend meetings; know your rights.

Lambeth Pan Disability Forum
020 7501 8976 / [email protected]
LPDF is an independent organisation, supported by DASL, to campaign on local issues affecting Disabled people in Lambeth.
Currently looking to recruit committee members to support the forum and organise events and campaigns.

Transport for All
Accessible transport in London is vital for people to live their lives. Join your local Transport Action Group; sign up to TfA newsletters to hear about the latest campaign actions.
Together, we need to keep a constant pressure on decision makers and let them know the reality of travelling around London as a disabled or older person. If each of us do one small thing, we can change London into a city which all of us can enjoy.

Inclusion London
IL campaigns and policy team supports Deaf & Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) like DASL, to influence local and national policy on equality and inclusion for Disabled people. We voice Disabled people’s views through consultation responses and information papers, and by taking action such as lobbying, demonstrations and using the law.
As a DASL member, you will be kept up to date with campaigns with opportunities to get involved with giving your experiences of services, attending rallies and protests.
Join DASL here

National groups

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)
DPAC is for everyone who believes that disabled people should have full human rights and equality. It is for everyone that refuses to accept that any country can destroy the lives of people just because they are or become disabled or have chronic health issues. It is for everyone against government austerity measures which target the poor while leaving the wealthy unscathed. It is for everyone who refuses to stay silent about the injustices delivered by wealthy politicians on ordinary people and their lives.

Black Triangle
This group is established to galvanise opposition to the current vicious attack on the fundamental human rights of disabled people by Government using “Work Capability Assessments” to re-classify sick and disabled individuals as “fit for work”.

Broken of Britain
Non-partisan UK-based Disability campaign. Advocacy for people with invisible illness and/or physical & mental health conditions. Also Carers, their Families and Friends. Our individual voices are too quiet to be heard, but collectively we can shout loud enough to drown out this tide of abuse against us. Disability Hate Crime, lack of full legal protection, people in care homes costing too much to be let out and not one political party willing to fight for us.

Women with visible & invisible disabilities
Being disabled and surviving in an inaccessible and prejudiced world is very hard work.  And many disabled women are mothers and carers for elderly relatives and others in the community, on top of coping with our own disability or ill-health.
We defend disabled women against discrimination of all kinds, including mums who risk losing their children because they are seen as ‘unfit’, refugees, claimants denied benefits.

Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA)
The Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA) is an alliance of Disabled People and their organisations ’s (DPOs) in England who have joined together to defend disabled people’s rights and campaign for an inclusive society.

Disability Benefits Consortium
The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) is a national coalition of over 70 different charities and other organisations committed to working towards a fair benefits system.
The DBC want to hear from disabled people about their experiences, and contact their MPs.


“In the disabled and long term-sick, social media has found a section of society simultaneously targeted and excluded from mainstream politics. In social media, disabled people have found themselves a voice.” Read more at http://www.newstatesman.com/2014/07/social-media-means-voices-disabled-can-no-longer-be-ignored-those-power

You do not have to leave your home to get involved with campaigning if you have access to a computer or smartphone and have a decent internet connection.
DASL can help with signposting you for cheap computers and IT support/training.

UK Government – anyone can start a petition. Guidance for what you can submit can be found here - https://petition.parliament.uk/help
You can start an online petition with Lambeth Council (see below). The local and national organisations included on this page regularly set up online campaigns.

Email your MP
This website uses your home postcode to direct you to the MP in your area.
MPs can offer advice and assistance on matters for which the UK Parliament is responsible, such as the NHS, pensions, benefits, UK-wide tax and national insurance, immigration issues, energy, defence, and data protection. They cannot interfere in court decisions and they can’t help with private disputes.

Facebook groups
UDRM United Disabled Resistance Movement

Hardest Hit


DASL is continually adding to their twitter list of campaigns and campaigners -

Lambeth Council

(Information taken from Lambeth Council’s website 1 February 2017)

You can raise issues and get involved in local decision-making in a variety of ways, not just by voting in elections. For further information call Democratic Services on 020 7926 2170 or email

The issues you can raise should be in regard to services provided by Lambeth. You can find out what these are via https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/

For personal cases, you can contact your local Councillor or DASL via Independent Living & Carers Partnership on 020 7346 6800.

For further information on how to get your voice heard by the Council via https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/elections-and-council/meetings-minutes-and-agendas/getting-involved-in-decision-making-guide