Social Drop In

Social Drop In

DASL and Mencap offer this drop in once a month as part of the Independent Living & Carers Partnership

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Social drop in sessions from DASL & Lambeth Mencap

Social drop in sessions from Disability Advice Service Lambeth & Lambeth Mencap open to anyone with an impairment or long-term health condition!

Hopefully, these Q&A will answer any questions you may have about the group.
If not, please contact Louise on 020 7501 8976 / or Laura on 020 8655 7742

What is the size of the group?

This depends as it is a drop in. We have about 8 regular people. Sometimes a person will drop in once or twice, get what they need and move on. Some people come every month.

Who is the group for?

The group is for anyone with a long-term health condition, impairment and/or disability. It is a pan-disability group, including physical, sensory, learning disability, mental health, neuro-diverse. The group is deliberately informal and relaxed as many people have a lot of structured hospital / DWP appointments so this is a space to just “be”.

Do I need to get a referral?

No, you can just drop in, although happy for professionals to email about someone for us to contact to encourage them to try out the group, with their permission of course.

Why would I want to come?

To connect people more with others and the wider local community; Laura and Louise wanted to create a safe, welcoming space for people to be able to make friends, find out about activities and events happening in the borough, signposting to other services, get confidential advice and information.

What happens at the Drop In?

There are always two workers at the sessions, usually Louise and Laura. We have tea / coffee, healthy snacks available; we usually have relaxing music playing and opportunities to do mindfulness colouring. We have general protocols around respecting everyone’s opinion, listening to others. If someone has an advice casework issue, we would arrange a suppo