Independent Living and Carers Partnership

Independent Living and Carers Partnership

The Independent Living and Carers’ Partnership (ILCP) was established in April 2015.

Who is the ILCP for?

visit the ILCP website here

The ILCP provides services to:

- older people (aged 55+)

- disabled people including adults with learning disabilities and people with physical and/or sensory impairments

- adults with long term health conditions

- all carers including young carers (aged 5 - 18)

You can download a leaflet introducing the ILCP here ILCP_Leaflet_Colour_final_version.pdf or get information about the range of services available from the ILCP website.

What services does the ILCP provide?

The ILCP provides a range of services including:

- A comprehensive information and advice service on a wide range of subjects including benefits, pensions, health and social care, housing, transport and mobility.

- Issue-based Professional Advocacyto support people in accessing community care, health and housing services, dealing with financial and family problems and being safe from abuse.

- The Direct Payments Support Servicedelivering advice, support and training for people who wish to use Personal Budgets to arrange their own care and support.

- Specialist services for carers through the Carers Hub Lambeth

- Community development work, advice and support work delivered by the lead partner organisation with expertise in working with each of the main client groups

Which organisations are involved in the ILCP?

The ILCP brings together a number of voluntary sector services previously delivered through Lambeth Resolve, the Carers Hub Lambeth, South Thames Crossroads Young Carers Project, DASL’s Direct Payments Support Service and Lambeth Mencap’s Carers Development Worker into a new partnership.

The Independent Living and Carers’ Partnership includes four local organisations with a track record of working together to deliver services to these client groups, commissioned by Lambeth Council:

- Age UK Lambeth has been appointed by Lambeth Council to lead the consortium

- Disability Advice Service Lambeth an independent Disabled People’s Organisation working with disabled people and also with older people and carers in Lambeth

- Help for Carers, a charity set up to relieve the stresses experienced by carers of children and adults who have care needs as a result of disability, illness or age, through the provision of community based support. 

- Lambeth Mencap, an established voluntary organisation which provides a range of services to service users with learning disabilities and their families and carers.

The broader partnership also includes the Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD), a Deaf-led organisation which promotes the welfare and interests of Deaf people and believes that Deaf people should receive the same access and opportunities as hearing people.

Where is the ILCP based and how can I contact it?

The Partnership is based at ‘we are 336’, 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA with outreach services and activities in other community venues across Lambeth. At the end of March 2015, Carers Hub staff previously based at Woodlawns in Streatham moved to We are 336 to join colleagues who are working on the new service.

we are 336 is an established hub for voluntary sector services for disabled people which is owned and managed by the charity Lambeth Accord. 

For general enquiries about ILCP services your first point of contact is the ILCP Enquiry Line which is managed by Age UK Lambeth:
Telephone: 020 7346 6800 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm)
or visit the ILCP website.

How will the ILCP help Lambeth citizens?

The Partnership has been created to assist Lambeth Council in meeting six high level outcomes:

- People are healthier for longer.
- Vulnerable children and adults get support and protection.
- Older, disabled and vulnerable people can live independently and have control over their lives.
- All Lambeth communities feel they are valued and are part of their neighbourhoods.
- People achieve financial security.
- All young people have opportunities to achieve their ambitions.

How was the new service developed?


In 2014/2015, Lambeth Council worked on a Steering Group with the organisations commissioned to provide the new services - DASL, Age UK Lambeth, Lambeth Mencap and South Thames Crossroads - to ‘co-produce’ the new service. Healthwatch Lambeth, Certitude and NHS Lambeth were also involved in the Steering Group.

The new service is based on what service users and other stakeholders have told us through ‘co-production’ events and surveys which took place between April and June 2014 and is also helping the Council to meet the needs arising from the introduction of the Care Act in April 2015.

During the ‘co-production’ phase, DASL worked hard to ensure that the voices of its members and service users were listened to. We wanted to hear from as many disabled and older people and carers as possible, whether they use the current services or might want to use the Social Care Hub in the future. We also wanted views and ideas from organisations, professionals and members of the public.

The Steering Group organised a variety of different workshops, focus groups and forums and public meetings as well as two on-line surveys for service users and for stakeholder organisations.

There were special sessions with:
- Carers, through the April Carers’ Hub Lambeth Forum
- Carers for Adults with Learning Disabilities
- Carers for Adults with Mental Health Problems
- Young Carers (with their parents) and Young Adult Carers
- Carers for People with Dementia
- Disabled People
- Older People
- Deaf People
- Stroke Survivors
- Lambeth Mencap People’s Rights Group

There were also three public meetings in June 2014 at ‘We are 336’, Tate Library Streatham and Lambeth Town Hall for anyone interested in the Social Care Hub to come and find out more and give their views. The Carers Hub Forums in December 2014 and March 2015 and the DASL AGM in December 2014 were also used to update current and potential son developments.

The Steering Group looked carefully at the feedback people gave us about the services they wanted the new Hub to provide. The key messages were:

Key principles
* One place for services
* “Tell my story once only”
* Continuity of staff – not always dealing with someone different
* Not just generalist staff but:
- people with specialist roles (Advocacy,Direct Payments)
- people with specialist knowledge of working with particular client groups
* Pressure/prevention - Getting services to people in time
* Good communication suited to the needs of different groups (eg people who are deaf or visually impaired; or with aphasia or learning disability)

Key services
* Information
* Advice – especially on benefits, money and community care
* Advocacy
* Activities and opportunities for socialising
* Someone to talk to including counselling, peer support and befriending
* Respite/breaks for carers
* Housing, employment and transport-related support
* Opportunities for education (especially for young carers) and learning new skills (eg IT)
* Policy/campaigning work – supporting the voice of disabled and older people and carers

If you need more information about the Independent Living and Carers Partnership, please contact the ILCP Enquiry Line at Age UK Lambeth
Telephone: 020 7346 6800 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm)
or visit the ILCP website.