Advocacy Quality Performance Mark

Advocacy Quality Performance Mark

The Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (AQPM) is the UK's only independent quality standard for organisations offering independent advocacy.

It is assessed by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)


NDTi state that “the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark is only awarded to advocacy organisations who can demonstrate that they are providing excellent services to people often experiencing challenging situations in their lives.  It indicates that they have the training and policies in place to ensure people’s rights are upheld and their preferences are heard and responded to.”

Achieving the AQPM helps providers demonstrate that they deliver effective, high quality advocacy which is now even more important for services such as dasl’s which are delivering Care Act Advocacy.

Originally developed by Action for Advocacy in 2008, the AQPM was relaunched by NDTi in April 2014 and dasl was only the 40th advocacy provider in the country to be awarded it. Our original award ran for three years from July 2015 to June 2018.

We had a new audit in November 2018 and were delighted to be given a glowing report by the auditor, Nicola Youens. As a result the AQPM has been awarded again for three years from December 2018 to November 2021.

We are proud of the feedback we received on our service which included these comments:

“The assessor concluded that it is an excellent service that has advanced practitioners who independently challenge. They work supportively with professionals to ensure the rights of people are upheld..”

“ It is clear that the manager is an expert in advocacy including non-instructed, which is excellent to see in a non-IMCA service” image

“ There were numerous examples of where they have challenged practice to uphold people’s rights in a constructive and collaborative manner showing their independence in practice”

“ this is an organisation that is a beacon to demonstrate to other advocacy providers how independence and challenge can be achieved through clear and supportive relationships with other professionals avoiding unnecessary confrontation”

“ It has been a pleasure to meet such a dedicated, passionate team that are clearly delivering excellent advocacy..”

You can find out more about the AQPM here