Professional Advocacy

Professional Advocacy

DASL provides a Professional Advocacy Service as part of the Independent Living and Carers' Partnership. From April 2015 the service has been extended to cover carers as well as disabled and older people.

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We hold the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark.


Our service is independent, confidential and free to use. It supports people to have their say about issues which are important to them and to give them greater choice and control in their lives.

We have some easy read leaflets about our service


DASL_Advocacy_Easy_Read_Referral_Form.pdf image
- our form to ask for an advocate.

If you want help to understand the information you can call us on 020 7501 8966 image

We can help with a range of issues including:

• Community care issues - issues with Social Services (adult and children’s social care) including situations in which there is a statutory right to advocacy under the Care Act 2014

• Health – issues with NHS primary and secondary care including accessing services; quality of care; continuing care funding and provision of integrated services with social care.

• Housing- wanting to move and looking at options; quality of service in residential/supported accommodation settings; accessing housing-related support; challenging decisions.

• Safeguarding issues- ensuring people are supported through the process; safeguarding processes are followed and any form of abuse is reported

• Discrimination issues eg Disability Hate Crime

• Disabled parents – going through Child Protection processes, accessing and understanding legal representation

• Making complaints and Accessing Legal Representation

DASL does not provide the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA) or the Independent Mental Health Health (IMHA) advocacy services for Lambeth

See our page about other advocacy services for details of how to contact these services.



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