Mole newsletter

Mole newsletter

The Mole is our lively newsletter with updates from DASL and items of local and national news of interest to disabled people, carers and professionals.

imageBecause of changes in our funding we are not able to produce the newsletter as often as previously but we still hope to be able to bring the newsletter to you several times a year

DASL members can still get their standard or largeprint or audio copy by post but we are encouraging people to receive it by email if they can to save us the large costs of printing and postage. Please contact Louise Holden, our Community Development Worker, on 020 7501 8976 or to discuss your needs.

Our latest newsletter for Autumn 2017 is now available

- Includes an early Save the Date for the DASL AGM, What the Lambeth Equalities Commission recommended for the Disabled community, A special on Hate Crime and invite to our Hate Crime on 18 October, download - MOLE_Autumn_2017.pdf or read it here

Download previous issues here:

Spring 2017 MOLE_Spring_2017_col_version.pdf
Autumn 2016 MOLE_Autumn_2016_col_online.pdf
Spring 2016 MOLE_Spring_2016_col_online.pdf