Advice, Information and Advocacy

Advice, Information and Advocacy

DASL has been Lambeth's specialist provider of advice and information services for disabled people for many years. We now work in partnership with other local charities to deliver most of these services but our experience and skills are still be available to you.

We deliver our services to the Advice Services Alliance's Advice Quality Standard which we hold at the General Help with Casework level. image

As a result of cuts in Lambeth Council's funding, there will be major changes to information and advice services in Lambeth in 2014. DASL is involved in developing a new Social Care Hub and the Lambeth Advice Network will be reorganising its services into a more joined-up system called One Lambeth Advice Offer

These changes will affect DASL and the services we provide. We will keep you in touch with developments.

In October 2011 we became part of the new Lambeth Resolve service providing information, advice and advocacy for older and disabled people. You can contact Lambeth Resolve by phoning 020 7095 5720, or by visiting the Lambeth Resolve website

We are maintaining our existing Enquiry Line for general enquiries about DASL and for people who wish to access our advice service for people of working age with mental health problems. We are no longer funded to provide this service daily but will do our best to respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. Phone 020 7738 5656 or . If you call we will either direct you to Lambeth Resolve or offer you help from one of our other services if that is more appropriate.

We will continue to provide DASL’s website and publish our ‘Mole’ newsletter though less frequently than in the past.

To complement the services which Lambeth Resolve will offer we now provide a Specialist Advice Service which will focus particularly on advice casework for people with mental health problems and young disabled people under 18. You can continue to access this service through the DASL Enquiry Line on 020 7738 5656.

DASL continues to provide the Carers’ Hub Lambeth Enquiry Line, website and newsletter services - more information here

Lambeth Resolve’s Enquiry Line and Information Service - 020 7095 5720 - which is managed by Age UK Lambeth provides a comprehensive information and advice service on a wide range of subjects of importance to older and disabled people including benefits, pensions, health and disability, transport and mobility and housing

Lambeth Resolve’s Advocacy Team - 020 7095 5720 - which is managed by DASL provides:

Professional Advocacy to support you to get community care, health and housing services, to deal with financial and family problems and to be safe from abuse

DASL’s Specialist Advice Service for people with mental health problems and young disabled people - 020 7738 5656 - provides:

Advice casework on welfare benefits and other issues such as debt, housing, community care, accessible transport services (such as Freedom Passes, Blue Badges and Taxicards) and Social Fund and charitable grants.

All DASL’s advisers provide advice to the Advice Quality Standard at the General Help with Casework level. Clients can benefit from support from caseworkers or just an in-depth assessment of the options available to them.

Other Lambeth advice services

Every Pound Counts

Lambeth Council’s Every Pound Counts campaign helps older people, disabled people and carers to claim welfare benefits and tax credits.  The Lambeth Resolve team is providing welfare benefits advice to older and disabled people in partnership with the Every Pound Counts service. Find out more about how this service can help you get the welfare benefits and tax credits to which you are entitled here

Carers’ Hub Lambeth Enquiry Line

Since December 2009 DASL has been responsible for providing a number of important services for carers as part of a consortium delivering the Carers’ Hub Lambeth. Our main role is to provide the Carers’ Enquiry Line, Carers’ Hub website and Carers’ Hub newsletter. Find out more at Carers Hub Lambeth website

Lambeth Advice Network

DASL works closely with the other main independent advice agencies in the borough which have come together to form the Lambeth Advice Network. These agencies are:

- Lambeth Law Centre
- Brixton Advice Centre
- Waterloo Action Centre
- Clapham Community Project
- Centre 70
- Merton and Lambeth CAB

Together, these agencies provide a wide range of legal advice services. If you contact Lambeth Resolve or DASL’s Enquiry Lines and we are not able to take on new casework or you need more specialist legal advice than we can provide we will usually be able to identify the actions you will need to take to deal with your issue and can refer you to other relevant services including agencies which are members of the Lambeth Advice Network.

Find out more about these services at the Lambeth Advice Network website