Management committee

Management committee

DASL’s Management Committee is responsible for the governance of our organisation.

At the AGM on 2nd December 2016, eight trustees, seven of them disabled people. were elected.

We are fortunate to have people with the experience and knowledge needed to manage an organisation such as DASL but we are always interested to hear from anyone who feels that they have skills to offer.

If you are interested in contributing to the Committee’s work, contact David Strong on 020 7642 0040 or

Our Committee members for 2017 are :

Ebenezer Akinsanmi (Chair)
Ameena Berkowitz
Boz Borowy
Isabelle Clement
Trevor Critchley (Treasurer)
Michelle Esezobor (Secretary)
Judy Fink
Ray Ludford (Vice-Chair)

You can read more about our trustees here -