Funding and fundraising

Funding and fundraising

There are several ways in which you can support us

DASL finances its services through a mix of grants, contracts and individual donations.  We are always looking for new and practical ways of increasing the resources we have to maintain and develop the vital services we provide to disabled people. Read on to find out which funders already support us and how you might be able to help, whether through making a donation or getting involved in fundraising activities.

We are also always keen to have more people involved in our organisation as volunteers and you can find out more about this if you are interested at

Our funders

We could not provide the services we do without support from our funders. In financial year 2019/20 we are pleased to acknowledge the invaluable funding support we receive from the following organisations :
- Lambeth Council
- Trust for London
- The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime
- Spirit of 2012
- Skills for Care
- Awards for All
- The Swimming Trust
- The Co-op Community Fund

We also get support in kind from a number of community partners. In particular, we are grateful for support for the London Stroke Choir given by Morley College and by GLL Better for our IntoSport Lambeth project.  We have also received a number of generous donations of office furniture and IT equipment from Fox Williams LLP.

How you can support us

Although we receive substantial amounts of funding from public bodies and from charitable trusts they do not cover all the costs we incur in providing our services and, of course, we cannot rely on these sources of funds always being available. We believe that we offer high quality services to the many disabled people who use us and we want to continue this to the best of our ability but we know that it will become even more difficult in the current very difficult financial climate. Every additional pound we can raise will be put to good use to help us keep our services going.

We also want to have more flexibility to use some of our funding for a wider range of activities which our members and service users have told us they would like to see us offering. This could include social events for disabled people who are often very isolated. Donations could help us to pay for hiring a venue, providing refreshments, getting people to the event and other costs.

Fundraising events

Would you like to support us by organising or joining in a fundraising event for DASL? To make it easier for you we have set up a DASL justgiving site so you can create your own event page and link to us. You can then email potential sponsors and give a link to your page. It makes it much easier to collect sponsorship money. It also enables people to sponsor you in a tax efficient way. If you’d like to do this on our behalf please contact us to see how we can support you doing this.

Make a donation

If taking part in a fundraising activity is not for you, why not make a donation instead? You can use our justgiving site to do this online.

You can donate directly to support the London Stroke Choir via our Justgiving page here.

If you would prefer, you can send us a cheque made payable to Disability Advice Service Lambeth. If you’d like to make this a tax efficient donation - for basic rate taxpayers, for every £1 you donate we receive £1.25 - then download our DASL_Gift_Aid_Declaration_Form.doc and send it in with your cheque. Here’s our address.

Payroll giving

The UK has a simple, efficient and flexible scheme which allows taxpayers to donate to a charity of their choice by a direct deduction from their pay. All donations given in this way mean we benefit even more as the tax you would pay is paid to us instead. For a basic rate tax payer, every £1 you donate is worth £1.25 to us. If you’d like to help us in this way, ask your employer about this scheme. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about this or need some help.