About DASL

About DASL

DASL is an independent charity working with, and on behalf of, Disabled people of all ages from all impairment groups including people with mental health problems. We also provide some of our services to carers, including parent carers, and older people.

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Who we are and what we believe

DASL was set up in 2001, having previously operated since 1984 as a project of a larger charity, Lambeth Accord, under the name ‘In the Know’.

We are proud to be a Disabled People’s Organisation which believes in the Social Model of Disability and works towards full equality for Disabled People as represented by the 12 Pillars of Independent Living.  Our aim is to enable Disabled people to obtain the services to which they are entitled, make choices about how and where they live and play an active role in their communities. Our charity is controlled by Disabled people through our Management Committee, which has a majority of Disabled trustees, and our growing membership.


Our job is to provide a range of high quality information, advice and advocacy services, support with direct payments, community development work, and activities programmes.

We are members of national / London organisations which campaign for disabled people’s rights including Inclusion London and Disability Rights UK and we work closely with many other local disability, mental health and carers’ oganisations to improve services for disabled people in Lambeth.

A brief history

We have provided advice and information services for Disabled people since the 1980s and the independent Direct Payments Support Service for Lambeth since 1999. From 2009 to March 2015, we also provided information and general advice services to carers as part of the consortium delivering the Carers Hub Lambeth. From 2011 to March 2015, we were a major partner in Lambeth Resolve, a consortium of local charities which provided information, advice and advocacy to older and disabled people.

What we do now

From April 2015, we have been a major partner in the Lambeth Independent Living and Carers’ Partnership. . DASL is providing a number of key services for the ILCP - Direct Payments Support, Professional Advocacy, and Community Development work with Disabled People

We operate from fully accessible office premises at ‘We are 336’ (the Lambeth Accord Centre) in Brixton, in the centre of this multicultural south London borough.

Some important information about DASL

Our new Strategic Plan 2018 -2021 was launched at our AGM in December 2018.

You can download an accessible version here DASL_Strategic_Plan_2018-2021_accessible_version_(final).pdf. You can contact us if you would like a full colour copy.

We produce an Annual Review on the work we have done over the past year. Our latest review for 2018 can be downloaded here - DASL_Annual_Review_2018_final.pdf - but please contact us if you would like a full colour printed copy which is free of charge.

If you would like to find out more about us on the Charity Commission website - where you can find our published accounts - follow this link.

Read our Customer Charter and Privacy Notice here DASL_Customer_Charter_2018.pdf
You can find an Easy to Read version of the document here dasl_Easy_Read_Customer_Charter.pdf